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Black Cat Pedals Super Fuzz
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Bass Octave Fuzz

252 € SRP incl. VAT

The Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz was the first modern boutique recreation of the rare and valuable Maestro Bass Brassmaster, which was used in the seventies by bass players such as John Entwistle (The Who), Chris Squire (Yes), and Kyle Brock (Eric Johnson/Electromagnets), among others. One of the problems bass players have always faced when using a fuzz pedal is the loss of low-end. The Bass Octave Fuzz allows the player to blend the clean signal into the mix along with the fuzz. The result is a monstrous roar of fuzz with a thunderous low-end rumble... Not for the faint of heart!.
Controls: Bass, drive, fuzz, switch filter, switch harmonic.
Bee Buzz

252 € SRP incl. VAT

The Black Cat Bee Buzz is our version of the original Roland Bee Baa, one of the classic icons of great vintage fuzz pedals. It began as a Custom Shop project and became an instant hit which sold out without ever being officially announced. After examining an original vintage Roland Bee Baa, we quickly noted many areas that needed improvement, such as excessive noise and lack of balance between the tone settings. In addition, the "Treble Boost" in the original Bee Baa was not a feature that most players found useful - so we worked on making a boost mode that would appeal to the modern guitarist. We later came up with a tone stack upgrade that doubles the range of the tone control without altering the characteristics of the fuzz circuit. All Bee Buzz pedals after serial #275 include this upgrade.
Controls: Volume, tone, sustain, boost, switch bee/buzz.
Mini Trem

231 € SRP incl. VAT

The Black Cat Mini Trem is a dual function tremolo/clean boost in one pedal. Part of the legacy of the original Black Cat line, the new Mini Trem sports some additional features in a compact package. At the heart of this pedal is a sixties-style old-school analog tremolo with Speed and Depth controls. The circuit also incorporates a clean FET boost with controls for Boost and Tone. Finally, we've added a second stomp switch that allows for half-speed/double-speed switching, and an LED that flashes in time with the rate of the tremolo. The tremolo and clean boost effects can function independently of one another, but the Mini Trem really shines by using the combination of all four controls. The Black Cat Mini Trem lets you "voice" the sound of your tremolo, from a deep and swampy throb to a sharp staccato stutter.
Controls: Speed, depth, tone, boost.
Monster K-Fuzz

242 € SRP incl. VAT

The Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz stompbox is the latest edition of our uniquely hotrodded version of the '60s Kay Fuzztone. The new Monster K-Fuzz stompbox has all the bells and whistles features of the treadle-based version in a pedalboard friendly enclosure at a more affordable price. Features include Input Gain control and 3-way switches for different Clipping and Voicing options. The Monster K-Fuzz controls can be set to go anywhere from a vintage Kay Fuzztone to a fire breathing monster fuzz. Expression pedal control of the Fuzz Frequency allows the same functionality as the former treadle based versions. And with a look that pays tribute to the '60s original, the new Monster K-Fuzz is the ultimate evolution of the Kay Fuzztone.
Controls: Fuzz frequency, input gain, switch clipping (silicon/schottky/germanium), switch voicing (stock/vintage/monster).

199 € SRP incl. VAT

A two-transistor vintage Japanese style fuzz with an extra wide ranging Bias control. Another Black Cat legacy product, the N-Fuzz was originally made in limited numbers between 2001 and 2003, and was only available in the Asian market. After discussion with our Japanese distributor, we decided to further redesign the N-Fuzz circuit to use Japanese electronic components. This gave a new meaning to the name, which now stands for "Nippon Fuzz". After trying several different types of transistors, the perfect combination as found with the Toshiba 2SC1815 for Q1 and Panasonic 2SC1384 for Q2. This allows the N-Fuzz to offer many different tones and timbres of fuzz, from an ultra compressed and gated "velcro" fuzz sound, to an open dynamic crunch.
Controls: Fuzz, bias, volume.

178 € SRP incl. VAT

Original overdrive design created by Fred Bonte more than 25 years ago, when Fred was working as a tech for Eric Johnson. Based on the unique properties of the OP275 - a high quality dual opamp with a distinctive linear output waveform - the OD-1 can go from clean, to slightly crunchy, to all-out saturated distortion. It is extremely sensitive to your playing dynamics, and works interactively with the tone and volume controls on your guitar. And like a good Fuzz Face, it cleans up well when you roll back the volume on your guitar. Its circuit acts as an extra gain stage in your signal chain, which allows it to stack amazingly well with any other boost, drive, distortion or fuzz it's paired with.
Controls: Drive, volume.

231 € SRP incl. VAT

The Black Cat OD-Boost is a dual channel overdrive/boost pedal that combines the Black Cat OD-1 with a clean boost circuit. The two channels can be used individually or simultaneously. There is also a switch to change the order in which the channels are stacked. Similar in concept to the Black Cat OD-Fuzz, the OD-Boost combines two distinctly different circuits of pure gain and allows them to interact without being compromised with tone circuitry. The OD-Boost is a powerful, dynamic and incredibly loud pedal that allows you to discover and explore the finest grades of raw, unprocessed dirt. You can get an endless array of gritty dirt tones, or just put some more muscle into what you've got already. No filter, no EQ... pure organic gain.
Controls: Drive, volume, boost, switch order.

263 € SRP incl. VAT

It's the latest evolution of this well-known classic from the Black Cat line. The OD-Fuzz is a versatile, two-channel distortion/fuzz box that combines the Black Cat OD-1 with a modified Fuzz Face style circuit in one pedal. Each channel of the OD-Fuzz has its own set of controls with separate LEDs for each side. The two channels can be used separately or together in combination. Each channel has its own distinct sound, but the blend of both channels together will yield an incredibly wide range of tonal possibilities, from slightly overdriven to full-blown fuzz. The controls become highly interactive when both effects are engaged. The deluxe edition adds a wide range Bias control for the Fuzz channel, Order to select the order of the channels, and a Germanium/Silicon switch to select between these 2 fuzz modes.
Controls: Drive, volume, fuzz, bias, volume, switch germanium/silicon, switch order.
Stereo Vibe

399 € SRP incl. VAT

The Black Cat Vibe has garnered a reputation among many as the best Univibe effect ever made. It uses a flashing incandescent lamp and four photocells to create its distinctive sound. This is an essential part of accurately creating the authentic Univibe effect. The new Black Cat Vibe features our custom 3D printed Black Cat Dome to shield this part of the circuit and create the proper environment for optimal response. The new Stereo Black Cat Vibe uses the same circuit as the original Black Cat Vibe, with the addition of a second output jack for true stereo operation, and enhanced power supply circuitry to accommodate 12V DC power (power supply included), which makes it compatible with any multi-pedal brick type power supply unit that can supply 12V DC with a minimum current of 400mA.
Controls: Volume, intensity, speed switch chorus/vibrato.
Super Fuzz

210 € SRP incl. VAT

Making its debut in 1995, Black Cat Super Fuzz was the first modern boutique recreation of the original Univox Super Fuzz pedal that was made in Japan by Shin-ei in the seventies. The Black Cat Super Fuzz was featured prominently (on bass!) on the track "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys. The Super Fuzz, in its various iterations, has developed a cult following over the years and is now more popular than ever. Part of its distinct sound is derived from its two-stage octave doubling circuit - beneath the massive torrent of fuzz is a hint of upper octave; not quite as prominent as an Octavia, but definitely noticeable.
Controls: Balance, expander, switch tone.

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